Thursday, March 24, 2016

Review: Marry Me by Karen Stivali

Book Blurb:

When British drummer Ben Davis lost his childhood sweetheart, he vowed to never love again. He immerses himself in his music, which propels him to international stardom and a lavish lifestyle, but has left his heart cold—until he meets creative and sexy clothing designer Julia Jones.

Julia’s career may be skyrocketing, but her personal life tanked when her last boyfriend crossed the line from controlling to violent. Certain that romance is not in the cards for her, she focuses on her career. Then devastatingly sexy Ben strolls into her life and his intoxicating charisma is impossible to resist.

Once Julia allows Ben into her bed and her heart, they fall hard and fast. But when Julia’s life is endangered, Ben’s reaction terrifies her. They both must confront their past demons if they want a chance at a future together.

My Review:

Marry Me by Karen Stivali is a fast paced, quick and steamy read.

The main characters, Ben and Julia really fit together well.  The chemistry between them is sizzling right from the start.  "Marry Me" is what Ben has been saying to Julia for a long time now, and only in semi jest.  Since the death of his wife he's never had more than a passing interest in another woman.  Until Julia.  Julia's last relationship ended in violence, and she's determined to avoid the whole relationship scene now.  Both of them are career driven, and through their careers are together a lot.  Soon they are spending more than work time together and the sparks are Hot!  But when Ben comes to Julia's defense , Julia isn't sure after all if he's the kind of man she wants to be with.

I liked Ben and Julia and how they don't let their pasts over shadow their present.  I could feel the attraction between them, the want and desire they had for each other.  But I could also feel doubt and fear...especially Julia's.   I liked that there wasn't a lot of unnecessary angst, and the only real conflict was when Ben's actions surprised Julia.  I felt like this was handled well in the plot of Marry Me.   Overall I enjoyed watching Ben and Julia come together and hoped they could make it work, because they just seem like they are meant to be together.

There is a lot of explicitness and sex in Marry Me.  This fits somewhat with the chemistry these two characters have, but there is so much that it almost takes over and blurs the main story line of Ben and Julia.

I'd recommend Marry Me to romance readers who like things steamy hot!

3/5 stars

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