Thursday, March 24, 2016

Review: Falling Hard (Falling for the Freemans Book 2) by Kate Hewitt

Book Blurb:

He didn’t want complications. She was looking for a miracle. 

Quinn Freeman has spent his life avoiding the dangers of commitment, but his reluctant return to his home town that’s in tragedy for his family stirs up memories and emotions he’d intended to leave buried. His arrival lights hope in many hearts including one long dormant. 

Meghan O’Reilly, the town’s only plumber and solo caretaker of her dependent sister, is weighted down with responsibility. She only sees in Quinn a careless charmer who isn’t used to hard work—but she still can’t keep from imagining his kiss... and longing for his touch. 

Surely some things, like a fling between them, can be simple... Or is it possible for a fling to become forever?

My Review:

Falling Hard by Kate Hewitt is a story filled with emotion.  A family tragedy when he was very young meant his family left Creighton Falls and the hotel they had there, and Quinn hasn't been back.  He has no memories of the actual event, but he carries a burden of guilt on his shoulders anyway.  Now he's back, but he won't be staying.  Meghan also carries a load of responsibility on her shoulders...taking care of her sister and supporting them both.  She has no inclination to become involved with someone like Quinn.  He's leaving, in her opinion it's his family's fault the town has declined so much, and she sees only the public image Quinn presents...  The attraction between the two of them is unmistakable, but they are both too emotionally distant and fearful to dare taking a chance.  So a no strings fling seems like it is just the right answer, but is it?

For the most part I liked Meghan.  She is responsible, caring, and a strong willed heroine.  I could understand her resistance to becoming involved with Quinn for numerous reasons.  What I didn't like and what made me feel less connected to her was the responsibility she thrust on Quinn and his family for closing their hotel all those years ago, which in her mind significantly impacted the town's economy.  This happened years ago, and it felt ridiculous that there was so much resentment simmering not only in Meghan but in many of the towns people.  So no, this part of her I did not like and it affected how I felt for her character as a whole.  I liked Quinn and what he was trying to do.  I liked watching his character grow and become so much stronger over the time of Falling Hard.

Kate weaves in some very interesting family dynamics in Falling Hard for both Quinn and Meghan's family's, which at times made things a bit more mysterious and other times more emotional.  I liked this addition to the plot even if I couldn't completely understand the rationale behind Quinn's family's behavior!  It made them flawed and believable.  With a cast of strong secondary characters, Falling Hard was all about family and moving on.

Falling Hard is well paced and held my interest through out with a good mix of tension, conflict, heart, and heat between the main characters.  I'd recommend Falling Hard to romance readers.

3 1/2 stars/5

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