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Review: Rival Forces (K-9 Rescue #4) by D.D. Ayres

Book Blurb:


When it comes to training K-9 patrol dogs, Yardley Summers always trusts her instincts. But when it comes to dating men, she keeps her heart on a very short leash. Mostly, she’s too busy with her four-legged trainees at Harmonie Kennels to commit to a relationship. Only two men have managed to distract her: a handsome Doctors Without Borders physician who’s suddenly gone missing—and the red-hot dog trainer from her past who’s suddenly back in her life…

Now a K-9 rescue team leader, Kye McGarren has never forgotten the days he trained at Yardley’s camp—or the nights he spent in her arms. When he hears that Yardley is on a mission to find the missing doctor, Kye is determined to keep her out of danger. With his K-9 partner by his side, he joins Yardley on a death-defying mission—one that reignites their mutual passion. Will Kye be able to rescue his romantic rival…without losing the woman he loves?

My Review: 

In Rival Forces by D.D. Ayres, Yardley keeps busy training dogs and operating Harmonie Kennels.  With little time or desire for a relationship, the one she has is low key and they go for a long time without seeing each other.  But suddenly he's missing and Yardley can't get any answers from anyone.  But people are paying attention...only she has no idea.  Unaware of the true situation, concerned and scared for him, Yardley isn't giving up.

When Kye gets a phone call from Yardley's brother asking him to check on her and keep her out of trouble, Kye barely hesitates before changing his plans and going to Yardley.  Kye is a former MP, and now works with K9 rescue.  If anyone wants to keep Yardley safe it's Kye.  They have a history few know of that ended very badly, and Yardley isn't very welcoming when Kye shows up at Harmonie Kennels.  Kye isn't backing down though...especially when things heat up not only between them, and the danger to Yardley becomes very, very real.

I liked Kye and Yardley.  Kye is a great alpha hero who as an adult can see the mistakes of his past.  But they are not only is mistakes, and the situation isn't as Yardley always assumed it was.  I was very curious how she'd react when and if Kye told her the truth about all those years ago.  Because the two of them have a very obvious connection in present day too, and I found myself really hoping they'd get a second chance together.  Yardley is a strong heroine, stubborn at times, and conflicted about what and who she wants.  The relationships are complex, especially when the missing boyfriend is in the equation even in thought, and working through her feelings is no easy task for Yardley.  The conflict, the tension, and the uncertainty made these characters realistic.  I liked how Kye and Yardley were together, and the struggle for power between them at times made for an entrancing read.

The suspense and mystery in Rival Forces is strong, and I would say the romance and suspense weave well together equally.  Each is important to the plot and the outcome.  Yardley's current missing boyfriend is central to the plot even if we don't see much of him.  I did find his story a little confusing and difficult to follow at times.  Is he good or bad?  Why is Yardley in danger because of him?  I would have liked some more detailed background on him since he and his situation is significant to the plot.

I liked how D.D. Ayres throws in unexpected events in the plot, events that bring secondary characters in to mix things up!  Of course I love the animals in Rival Forces, they bring a whole other kind of light and love to the story.

D.D. Ayres pulled me in quickly and the pace of Rival Forces keeps things moving along at a good pace.  I'd recommend Rival Forces to any romantic suspense reader.

4/5 stars

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