Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Review: Brody's Vow (Colebrook Siblings Trilogy #1) by Kaylea Cross

Book Blurb:

A trained assassin on the run.

Trinity Durant isn’t accustomed to relying on anyone for help. She’s the deadliest of all her Valkyrie sisters, getting up close and personal for her kills. But this time, it’s different. When she’s injured on a job, she has no one to turn to except the handsome stranger holding a weapon on her. Since she needs to escape the city, she reluctantly accepts his help. Too late she realizes that he poses the biggest danger to her of all, by making her question everything about her life—and threatening her jaded heart.

A man unwilling to walk away.

When HRT sniper team leader Brody Colebrook heads home on medical leave for a well-deserved break, the last thing he expects is to stumble upon a mysterious woman in danger. She may be a stranger to him, but she’s a friend of his commander’s and now that Brody knows she’s in trouble, he can’t just leave her to be hunted down and executed. The moment he puts her in his truck it places them both in the crosshairs of a killer bent on revenge. She might trust Brody to have her back, but he wants far more than that. He wants everything she has to give, and he’ll do whatever it takes to get it.

My Review:

Brody's Vow by Kaylea Cross pulled me into the plot quickly and kept me there in an intriguing plot full of possibilities.  Trinity is an unusual heroine because it's not often I've come across a heroine who does what she does.  Her story fascinated me because it felt believable, like something that really could happen.  I really liked her, and liked being privy to her inner thoughts and feelings.  What she does has defined her for so long and I couldn't wait to see what would happen after this job she's managed to carry out but not escape from.  Brody is pulled into Trinity's world very unexpectedly, and once the connection is made he doesn't want to let go or let Trinity face danger herself...even if it puts him in the cross-hairs too.  The attraction is fast and it felt real because I do believe things can happen that fast, especially in Brody and Trinity's world.  Danger is a constant threat in the few days Brody and Trinity find themselves together for, and if they can put an end to the danger where will that leave them?

I really enjoyed this very fast paced book by Kaylea Cross.  Trinity and Brody are both strong, determined characters who are very different and yet in some ways so similar.  I really felt like I got to know them.  I felt for both of them for what they've both been through, but in particular Trinity.  I really hoped they could find a way to make things work in all ways.

Wyatt, Brody's brother, is a secondary character who really stood out for me and I hope to read more about him in future books in this series.

Descriptive and mesmerizing,  the intensely suspenseful plot kept me on edge and the romance kept me hopeful.  I'd recommend Brody's Vow to any romantic suspense reader!

4/5 stars

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