Monday, July 8, 2013

Falling for the Good Guy

I was so happy to read more of Abby's search for love in Falling for the Good Guy!

In Falling for the Bad Boy (book one) Abby and Connor had a month long fling. That was the time frame Connor set out from the start. Abby has been trying to get over him ever since! His brother Brian has been Abby's best friend forever! She saw him through his wife's illness and death, has been there since for him and his daughter, and the 3 of them hang out together all the time.

Now that Connor and Abby are no more, Brian is starting to see what has been in front of him all this time with Abby. His feelings towards her are changing, and he wants to be more than best friends. Abby has given herself a time frame she'll wait for Connor for, and Brian intends to be there for her when that time is past!

Abby feels sparks with Brian too, but she's not too sure she wants to risk their friendship to explore what ever more could be between them. She is also very aware of Brian's strong feelings for his deceased wife and does not want to be a stand in for her! Brian has his work cut out for him convincing Abby to give them a chance!

Violet gives us another great book with Falling for the Good Guy! She manages to draw you in quickly and effortlessly! Going from one brother to the next is not something I'm really into and was kind of wondering how this would play out, but Violet writes so well and in such a way that there is no 'ew' factor at all! Connor does not play a big part in Falling for the Good Guy, this really is Abby and Brian's story. Violet writes all of the scenes from the funny ones to the sexy ones flawlessly, working them so well into the story.

By now I think we've all picked who we want Abby to end up with if it is Connor or Brian, and I just can't wait for book 3 to come out! :) Will Connor stay in the background and give up Abby?

Falling for the Good Guy is a quick, entrancing read I'd highly recommend! 

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