Friday, June 6, 2014

Love With A Perfect Cowboy

In Love With A Perfect Cowboy by Lori Wilde, an ongoing family feud in Cupid, Texas drove Luke, Melody, and their teenage love apart 15 years ago on July 4th.  With disastrous consequences on that night, Melody fled Cupid and moved on with her life.  Now living in New York with her photographer boyfriend and working in advertising, one day Melody's world implodes on her.  Jobless, homeless, and boyfriend-less all in one day - suddenly Luke is there.  Luke still lives in Cupid, running the ranch and is also Mayor.  Cupid is suffering from the drought, and in Luke's mind, Cupid needs Melody and her work experience to bring it back to life.  Luke is convinced Melody can do it, so he's come to New York.  He just has to convince her.

Melody never planned to return to Cupid to live.  In New York, she's far from her controlling mother and the feud in Cupid.  She definitely does not count on the attraction she still feels for Luke, especially when the only place for her to spend the night is in his hotel room!  But they can have one night and nothing more, right?  Luke might dream of more, but he knows they can't be together.

Back in Cupid, Melody is determined to avoid Luke.  It's hard to do when he's the Mayor, he lives in the same building as her, and they are both trying to save a dying town.  With love letters, legends, schemes, dreams, and a family feud still burning bright it might be harder than Melody thinks to save Cupid and leave again.  Especially with the forbidden flames between her and Luke that she can no longer deny.  Will their secret love be smothered or can an old feud be put to rest, a town saved, and two people who were meant to be together have a second chance at love?

Love With A Perfect Cowboy is the last book in Lori Wilde's Cupid, Texas series.  I think it helped that I'd read the other books in this series because Lori doesn't waste time revisiting stories already told, and the other books in combination are a great build up to the finale.  Luke and Melody are two people you just want to end up together.  They do have their obstacles though, both self imposed and feud imposed.  Melody is independent, strong, and smart!  She knows what she's doing and how to do it in most matters!  It's her heart she has trouble following.  Luke is a great hero!  I can totally picture him in my mind.  He is just as stubborn as Melody, and he is determined that the old family feud must end.  Luke and Melody don't always agree on what's best for Cupid, but they work well together like the mature adults they are anyway.  The way Lori gives us their history and builds it up throughout Love With A Perfect Cowboy makes it all the more mysterious at times and definitely intriguing!

It was great to see some of the same characters from previous Cupid books but they are more in the background.  Love With A Perfect Cowboy is all about Luke and Melody coming together again and I was interested to see if they could work it out!

Lori manages to give us a great small town feel and Love With A Perfect Cowboy is well written with entertainment, emotion and hope infused throughout that any contemporary romance reader will enjoy.

4/5 stars

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