Monday, March 9, 2015

Untrue Colors by Veronica Forand

In Untrue Colors by Veronica Forand, Alex is an expert art appraiser who finds herself on the run, her life in danger after falling for the wrong man.  Estranged from her prominent family in the US but still not wanting to endanger them, she flees to Oxford, England.  There she becomes a chameleon and blends in with the university crowd as she figures out her next move.  Alex, aka "Gabe", meets Henry when her past is fast catching up to her and she needs to hide.  Henry is an Earl, a professor, former military and so much more.  He immediately knows Alex is running from something or someone, but she won't tell him what or who.

Despite Alex having her secrets, Henry wants to help her.  He wants to keep her safe, and soon he finds himself wanting her as a woman also.  The attraction is mutual, but Alex is scared, and the feelings Henry evokes in her are new for her.  She's not sure who to trust.  Henry is sure he trusts Alex though, and for various reasons, Alex is soon agreeing to help him find a painting that has been stolen from him.  Even if this means she'll be closer than ever to the danger she's desperate to escape from.  Henry wants to protect her, and he finds himself wanting a future with her, but Alex is keeping her secrets carefully guarded.

When her secrets are finally uncovered will it be too late to save her?  

Untrue Colors is a fast paced, intriguing, edge of your seat romantic suspense with an international flare!  Veronica blends suspense, action and romance perfectly in Untrue Colors.  She even managed to catch me very off guard which was so unexpected it added a great twist to the plot.

I love how Veronica built up all the players in the story, from the main characters Alex and Henry to Henry's brother Simon and the evil Luc.  She slowly peels away their layers, but still leaves you wanting more with each page.  Alex is brave, brilliant, determined and independent.  She was a bit frustrating though because she was so determined not to let anyone help her or know her secrets for fear of putting them in danger, but they were already in danger just from her being with them.  So I felt like she was kind of leaving Alex especially in the dark a little too much.  Watching her grow and bloom after what she's been through was very rewarding though, and I liked the way Veronica did not sugar coat Alex's experiences.  I also liked that as scared as Alex was, she was cautious but she didn't hold what happened to her against all men.  There is so much more to Henry than what meets the eye, and even Alex doesn't realize how much.  I liked his character.  He was protective, strong and caring with out being over bearing or full of himself.

I really liked the secondary characters in Untrue Colors, and found Simon, Henry's brother especially intriguing.  I'm really hoping there is a follow up book with him, because I feel like that was the only part of the story that was unfinished for me and that was a little disappointing.  

I also love the main setting of Oxford, it is perfect for this book!  The title is also will find out why when you read the book!

Easy to become absorbed in and feel part of, I'd recommend Untrue Colors to any romantic suspense reader!

4/5 stars

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