Thursday, March 24, 2016

Review: Return to Silver Bay

Book Blurb:

Maggie wants to bury her past and move on. 
Josh has other plans, and moving on without her isn't one of them.

Maggie Mitchell returns to her hometown of Silver Bay expecting to bury her father, her past, and move on. But when Josh Harden, her high school sweetheart, shows up, her world gets turned around. 

Drawn to Josh, but afraid of their history, Maggie’s head tells her she can handle things alone, but her heart says otherwise. 

Recognizing a second chance when he sees one, Josh is determined to win Maggie’s heart once more and show her that she can trust love and begin again.

My Review:

Return to Silver Bay by Lara Van Hulzen is filled with sorrow, hope, love, and unexpected family secrets.

It took me a little while to figure out Maggie, why she left, and her history with Josh.  At times it felt a bit too long though because I wanted to understand these characters better.  Maggie is really struggling with a lot of things, and her past and family life plays a big role in this.  She's never been able to move on or forget the harsh way she was treated by her father.  This has affected her whole life - from where she lives to relationships she has (or doesn't have).  Returning to Silver Bay is difficult for her for many reasons, and I really found myself hoping she could put the past to rest at last and move on.  An unexpected family secret Maggie discovers casts more shadows and doubts, but at the same time explains a lot for Maggie.  The friendships she has in Silver Bay and the comforting place pull at her, but does she have the strength to stay this time?

For me Maggie was an ok character and my feelings towards her are neutral.  I liked Josh, the caring he shows Maggie, the hope he has, and the gentle way he pursues Maggie.  I liked the secondary characters in Silver Bay and how they all embraced Maggie on her return.

Return to Silver Bay is along the lines of an inspirational romance.  Despite Maggie's inner turmoil, there's no angst, no real conflict, and the story gently flows.

If you enjoy inspirational romances I'd recommend Return to Silver Bay.

3/5 stars

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